Marabu Maraprop PP Inks

Marabu Maraprop PP Inks

Maraprop PP

Satin gloss, quick-drying one-component ink with a very flexible ink film and good adhesion properties. Especially developed for untreated and pre-treated polypropylene materials.


  • Satin gloss
  • Fast 1-component ink
  • Very flexible

Product properties

Ink system:

solvent-based, 1-component

Degree of gloss :

satin gloss




Polypropylene (PP), pre-treated
Polypropylene(PP), untreated
limited suitability
with hardener
no dishwasher resistance
with adhesion modifier

Marabu PP 020 Lemon Yellow
Marabu PP 021 Medium Yellow
Marabu PP 022 Yellow Orange
Marabu PP 033 Magenta
Marabu PP 035 Bright Red
Marabu PP 036 Vermillion Red
Marabu PP 045 Dark Brown
Marabu PP 055 Ultramarine Blue
Marabu PP 058 Dark Blue
Marabu PP 059 Royal Blue
Marabu PP 067 Grass Green
Marabu PP 068 Brilliant Green
Marabu PP 070 White
Marabu PP 073 Black
Marabu PP 170 High Opaque White
Marabu PP 409 Transparent Base
Marabu PP 429 Process Yellow
Marabu PP 439 Process Magenta
Marabu PP 459 Process Cyan
Marabu PP 489 Process Black
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