Marabu Tampaplus TPL Inks

Marabu Tampaplus TPL Inks

A very fast drying and resistant pad printing ink, versatile and easy to use. Ideally suited for industrial pad printing, e.g. on operating elements, housings of all kinds etc., but also for the field of toys and promotional items.


  • Lowest PAH-values, free of PAA, and aromatic solvents!
  • Very fast 1 or 2-component ink
  • Resistant to alcohol and petrol
  • Very good printability
  • Universal use

Product properties

Ink system:

solvent-based, 1- or 2-component


very fast

Degree of gloss :



Acrylic glass (PMMA)
Paper, corrugated paper
Polyacetate (POM)
Polyamide (PA)
Polycarbonate (PC)
Polyester (PETG, PETA)
Polystyrene (PS)
Polyurethane, rigid
PVC, rigid
PVC, soft
limited suitability
with hardener
no dishwasher resistance
with adhesion modifier

Marabu TPL 122 Opaque Light Yellow
Marabu TPL 130 Opaque Vermillion
Marabu TPL 162 Opaque Grass Green
Marabu TPL 191 Silver
Marabu TPL 192 Rich Pale Gold
Marabu TPL 193 Rich Gold
Marabu TPL 270 High Gloss White
Marabu TPL 291 High Gloss Silver
Marabu TPL 293 High Gloss Rich Gold
Marabu TPL 429 Process Yellow
Marabu TPL 439 Process Red
Marabu TPL 459 Process Blue
Marabu TPL 489 Process Black
Marabu TPL 920 Lemon
Marabu TPL 922 Light Yellow
Marabu TPL 924 Medium Yellow
Marabu TPL 926 Orange
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