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Product Information
Ink system: Solvent Based, 1-component
Drying: Very Fast
Degree of gloss: glossy
Outdoor Resistance to: Very Good
Marastar SR is the optimal ink for highest demands on gloss, resistance to outdoor use and chemical resistance, for example to petrol and cleaning agents on plastics. Marastar SR has also been successful in the market for many years regarding printing on technical foils made of polyester or of PC. By adding hardener, the resistance is increased and the range of printable substrates is extended by coated metals, thermo-plastics, PA, POM and anodized aluminium. For long-term outdoor use, the colour range is completed by 8 additional shades with best fade resistance.
Technical Data Sheet Colour Shades MSDS Sheets
Anodised aluminiumwith hardenersuitable
Coated substrateswith hardenersuitable
Paper, corrugated Papersuitable
PVC, rigidsuitable
Self-adhesive foil PVCsuitable
Thermo-plasticswith hardenersuitable
Polyester, coatedsuitable
Polyamide (PA)post-treatmentwith hardenersuitable
Polyacetate (POM)post-treatmentwith hardenersuitable
PETG, PETAwith hardenersuitable
Acrylic glass (PMMA)suitable
Polycarbonate (PC)suitable
partly suitable partly suitable
pre-treatment pre-treatment
post-treatment post-treatment
with hardener with hardener
no dishwasher resistanceg no dishwasher
adhesion modifier adhesion modifier

Color Chart
Color Chart

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Packaged in 1 liter tins

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Marabu SR 035 Bright Red

  • Brand: Marabu
  • Product Code: 3227 57 035
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