• Marabu TPU 952 Ultramarine Blue
Product Information
Ink system: 2-component
Drying: fast
Degree of gloss: high gloss
Resistance to: Chemicals, Alcohol, Petrol, Grease, Oil
By using a matting paste, the degree of gloss can be varied. Materials that are difficult to print on, such as pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene, thermosetting plastics, metals and varnished surfaces, but also polyurethane, polyamide, melamine resins, powder-coated surfaces and suchlike. Can also be used for polyacetal under certain circumstances.
Technical Data Sheet Colour Shades MSDS Sheets
Thermosetting plasticssuitable Polyester (PET)post-treatmentsuitable
Glassno dishwasher resistancepartly suitable PE pre-treatedsuitable
Varnished surfaces, metalsuitable PP pre-treatedsuitable
Polyacetate (POM)post-treatmentsuitable Polyurethane, rigidsuitable
Polyamide (PA)suitable  
partly suitable partly suitable
pre-treatment pre-treatment
post-treatment post-treatment
with hardener with hardener
no dishwasher resistanceg no dishwasher
adhesion modifier adhesion modifier

Color Chart
Color Chart

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Packaged in 1 liter tins

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Marabu TPU 952 Ultramarine Blue

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